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CofC Quidditch is not officially recognized by our university as a club sport or sport (not to whine because we know this is still an issue with a lot of other teams, too).This means that what little funding we have received from the College for this year has already been spent - on new t-shirts and travel to the South Regionals Tournament last weekend.

Unlike college teams to the north and south of us - we’re looking at you baddasses, Middlebury, Boston, Miami, Ringling - quidditch is not taken quite so seriously here in Charleston. We have fundraised tirelessly. We have spent hours upon hours handcrafting snitch-shaped Christmas ornaments. We have sacrificed official jerseys for marketable t-shirts. While some teams run around in school-funded uniforms, we make do with home-made brooms and mostly-deflated balls.

While we have been to World Cups in the past, they have been entirely self-funded. This year, CofC Quidditch is composed almost entirely both of freshman who are just beginning to adjust to their college lives and seniors on the team who must think ahead to beyond graduation when making their plans for World Cup VI. This means that self-funding the trip to the World Cup is probably not going to be possible. As much as it kills us to, we need to ask you for help.

Read on, or get to know us on Facebook.

Mar 9,2013 46 notes

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    You are not going to be the New Jeremy Sparks with a dentist somewhere cursing/loving Quidditch. Get a mouth guard. :)
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    Hey. Hey. These are awesome guys and girls, even if they did break my tooth at regionals. Get them to World Cup.
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    Signal boost for CofC!
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    I had no idea CofC had a Quidditch team! How did I not know this?
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    Hey, followers, this is my school, and although I’m not actually on the Quidditch team, it would be really awesome if...
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